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       Thank you for serving our club. Your time is greatly appreciated!

 2019/2020 Volunteer Point System Agreement 

Points Updated as of February 2020

The purpose of the agreement is to improve awareness of the need for volunteers in the Brookings Futbol Club. Volunteers make the program not only work, but keep the cost at a minimum. The purpose is not to see who earns the most points, but to get all parents involved and to run the program in the most cost-effective manner possible.

A family is required to earn points based on the number of children in the program, with 200 points being the maximum needed. Extra points earned cannot be carried over to the following year. Points may be earned for a player by up to a total of four volunteers.

Contact the Volunteer Point System Director for approval of additional volunteers.

A point value has been established for each position that requires volunteer work. It is up to each volunteer to legibly write their name and player’s name on the sign-in sheets.

Individuals working these areas will be responsible for their sheets.

Each family will be required to complete and submit the attached Volunteer Points Participation Agreement form and a post-dated check (July 31st of the following year) for the amount of points that the family needs to earn.  If the check is not post-dated we will ask you for a new check.  The dollar value of each point has been established at $3.00. On July 31st of the following year, all points will be tallied and checks from families not meeting their point commitments will be cashed. The BFC Treasurer will provide a refund of $3.00 for each point that has been earned.

The Volunteer Points Director will record all points and post them monthly on our website.

Opportunities to earn points are: Volunteer jobs listed in the following document, Cubby’s Futsal Tournament (concessions, clock operator), Fishback Classic Tournament (concessions, field marshal), Spring/Fall League, BHS & SDSU concessions, board meetings.


  • player – 75points = $225 deposit
  • players -150 points = $450 deposit
  • players – 225 points (200 point max) = $600 deposit 4 players – 300 points (200 point max) = $600 deposit