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Competitive Overview

The focus of the competitive programs is creating a quality training environment where players are guided to learn and master the technical demands needed to play the game of soccer at a higher level.  All players signing up for the competitive program will get training sessions delivered by trained coaches.  The training sessions will be scheduled by the age groups team manager and will take place late fall thru mid-July.  The majority of the training sessions will be scheduled in the winter and summer.

Additionally, all players will be offered a minimum of 8 events (tournaments, State Champions League, arranged friendlies, ect.) to attend.  These events are not included in the cost of the program and there will be an additional fee to attend each offered event.  Participation in the competitive program does not require you to attend any tournaments or events.

Lastly, both the technical director and age group coordinators have developed a player development curriculum for each age group.  This plan assumes that each competitive player is participating in the league programming that is offered by the club for their age group.  It is not required to do so in order to be in the competitive program but it is highly recommended for appropriate player development by the technical director.